“Like” Us for No Charge on Nitrous in any Crown or Bridge Work

Halloween is drawing near and at Dr. Kim C Norman’s office, we are offering you a little treat before the festivities begin! All throughout the month of October, we are giving our Facebook fans a new great deal! We are offering you no charge on nitrous in any crown or bridge work!

Nitrous oxide is a safe, odorless and colorless form of anesthetic. Our patients can choose to have nitrous administered during their procedures to help mask any discomfort or to simply relax them. From sensitivity to pain to a bad gag reflex, nitrous can alleviate a multitude of issues during any dental procedure.

So visit our Facebook page and “like” us to take advantage of this great deal. This promotion won’t last long either! Each month we offer a new promotion for our Facebook fans so don’t wait to redeem your coupon for free nitrous in any crown or bridge work!

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