Always giving, Dr. Norman of Maryville, TN supplied toothbrushes and toothpaste bags to those in need at the Knoxville Rescue Ministries on Thanksgiving.

Thank you so much for your patience and dedication during my implant. You made me feel so special with flowers and a birthday card. I am so glad I found you.”
I want to express my gratitude for my new smile! Everyone was so amazingly kind to me and I can’t thank you enough.
We have been patients of Dr. Norman and his staff since 1997. We have always felt at ease and enjoyed the care we have been given. We have had a couple of dental emergencies and were immediately worked into the schedule to solve our problems. Personally I appreciate Dr. Norman’s care since I feel he has made my life considerably better through his dental plan he developed and carried out over the years. We deeply appreciate the care from Dr. Norman and his staff.
Paul Thompson and Elida Canales
In March 2009, I had my regular six month dental cleaning. I was advised to see a periodontist because my dentists suspected I was having problems. The periodontist took x-rays and pictures. He advised me to see another specialist suspecting cancer of the gums. Boy that made me feel good! After this the periodontist said I should see a root canal specialist, which I did. He said that maybe three teeth needed a root canal. I went back to the periodontist and he said he could help me, but could only have 50% success. I then went back to the dentist where I originally had my teeth cleaned. He said for me to go somewhere else he couldn’t help me. Before all this had happened I took my neighbors to get dental work done from Dr. Norman. I was impressed by him, but wanted a second opinion before making my decision. I asked for advice from the periodontist office and got a good recommendation. I got all my records and took them to Dr. Norman. On examination and listening to my story, he commented that I’d be sent all around the world, not told anything or where to go and what to have done. He then told me exactly what was wrong with my teeth and what steps he would do to fix them, how long it would take and the cost. He said the success rate was 99%. He advised that I should take time to think it over. I decided that he told me exactly what I wanted to hear and had finally found my course of action. After what he has done, I feel I made the right decision. I feel much better and I’m finally able to eat without pain and discomfort. I highly recommend Dr. Norman and thank him for what he did for me.
Bill Wear – Alcoa, TN
Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. They arrived on a day I wasn’t feeling well and they really cheered me up. I’m looking forward to working with you and your staff until I at last have the beautiful smile I have always wanted. Thank all of you for treating me like a person instead of just another patient.
Beverly Orr
Dr Norman, I just wanted to thank you for your care and expert work. I feel that I have been blessed to find a Dentist that truly cares about his patients. Now a day that is few and far. You take the time to explain everything. The money is not the most important the care of the patient is first. Thank you again to you and your staff. God Bless Patricia Lindstadt
Patricia Lindstadt, Maryville, Tn
Dr. Kim Norman has been a God send to me. After years of moving around the country (military spouse) to finally find a dentist that is so professional and most of all caring has to be God sent. Dr. Norman and his staff are all professional and caring folks that have made a huge difference in how I look at dentistry. I have always been uptight about going to the dentist. No longer to I have those fears or concerns when I go to see Dr. Norman. He has always been up front and ready to explain, in terms I understand, what has to be done and how he is going to go about treating my problems. I am so happy that we moved into this area and found such a wonderful dentist!
Lil Tiebout – Townsend, TN
During my 34 plus years of military service all my dental work was accomplished by a Navy dentist, but after retirement, I needed to find a civilian dentist to accomplish my dental needs. Fortunately I was introduced to Dr. Kim Norman, a true professional whom I have the greatest respect as a dentist and caring person. When I had my first visit with Dr. Norman for a routine check-up, I was impressed by his professional approach to my dental requirements. He analyzed my situation and provided me with detailed plans that included the cost and dental procedures to correct any noted problems. Dr. Norman has the state of the art equipment and up to date knowledge to rectify any dental problems. He has his own dental lab and a staff of technicians that are the best. If the dental problems are beyond his scope of expertise, he does not hesitate to refer you to a specialist that is well qualified to correct your problem. In summary, it is a great relief to me and my family, knowing that we found Dr. Kim Norman, a caring and professional dentist. I would highly recommend Dr. Norman to anyone that is looking for a dentist to satisfy your needs.
R.A. Tiebout, Lt. General USMC (ret.) – Townsend, TN