Teeth Whitening Maryville TNIt can be quite a challenge to keep our teeth white, most especially since we take in different kinds of foods and beverages daily. Even if a friend tells you to avoid certain kinds of dishes or drinks, it’s very difficult to stay away from your favorite beverages for long. Let’s face it. Most people find eating and drinking as pleasurable activities where social interaction often takes place. For example, you’ve made a vow to avoid teeth-staining drinks like tea, and you suddenly get invited to a tea party. What would you do? Will you avoid this event knowing that you can meet a lot of contacts there? Will you attend the event yet avoid drinking tea? Not drinking tea at a tea party is socially unacceptable. Not attending this event, on the other hand, means passing up the opportunity to interact with friends and gain new contacts.

Eating and drinking are, therefore, not just activities for health sustenance, but also for social and emotional uplift. To keep the teeth white, it may not be such a good idea to avoid eating certain foods and drinks because these stain the teeth. You have other options to keep your teeth white. Teeth whitening at your dentist is always a treatment that you can take advantage of to whiten your teeth effectively without depriving yourself of certain foods and drinks.

Dentist Supervised Teeth Whitening

Dr. Kim C. Norman can whiten your teeth in two ways: in-office teeth whitening and at-home bleaching. The in-office treatment involves the application of a peroxide-based gel to the teeth. This bleach is then cured with the use of a special light. You get gleaming white teeth in an instant with in-office teeth whitening.

You can follow up your in-office treatment with at-home bleaching to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. Dr. Norman will give you custom bleaching trays, which you will be wearing during sleep. The trays are infused with bleach, whitening your teeth effectively with repeated use.

Colored foods like spaghetti, chicken curry and many other dishes with rich sauces have been known to stain the teeth. The tooth-staining effects are the same as with beverages like coffee, tea, soda, and red wine. It is very difficult to stay away from these delectable dishes and drinks, just for the purpose of keeping your teeth white. Your best recourse is to, therefore, have dentist supervised teeth whitening treatments to achieve, and then maintain, a bright white smile.

Effective Teeth Whitening at Dr. Kim C. Norman’s Dental Practice

Foods and drinks are meant to be enjoyed. Why limit your options? We know how it feels when you are depriving yourself of drinking your morning coffee, or eating your favorite tomato, curry, or soy based dishes. These foods and drinks are meant to add pleasure to life. Take advantage of dentist supervised teeth whitening for a dazzling white smile. Life is too short. Make the most of it! We, at Dr. Kim C. Norman’s practice are here to help you achieve a clean, bright smile without the need to make any sacrifices.

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