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Core Beliefs About Dental Care

Maryville Dentist

Core values represent a guide for ethical behavior. We believe our behavior demonstrates and communicates our beliefs, values, and benefits of dentistry to our patients. Our core values reflect our character, philosophy, and mission. The following are our core values in alphabetical order:

Autonomy – patients have the right:

  • to choose what is done to their own bodies
  • to have knowledge about their current level of health
  • to understand their potential for optimum health

Benevolence – seeking to minimize the harms and maximize benefits for patients

Competence – seeking to listen and care about the overall well-being of the patient
Integrity – having our words, actions, intentions, and behaviors be congruent with our values and conscience

Honesty – truthfulness; so that patients can make informed decisions

Justice – treating each patient with fairness; giving each patient his/her due

Professionalism – self-governing of ourselves, the dental profession, and the best interests of the dental health care of society

Tolerance – accepting cultural differences and the impacts those have on our patients’ choices

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• Complete Dentistry

• We believe four goals must be achieved for Ideal or Complete Oral Health

Optimum Dental Oral Health

Anatomic Harmony

Functional Harmony

Occlusal (bite) Stability