Level 1 Urgent and Emergency Care – Emergency

Patients at this level of care seek the care of a dentist only when they have an emergency caused by neglected decay and infection. This level of care is not the primary focus of our practice. We are happy to see emergencies, but do not maintain patients in a long-term emergency or crisis-only status.

Level 3 Maintenance Care – Biologic

People at this level of care want to take an active part in the prevention of present and future disease problems, but choose repair solutions that are more short-term in duration.

level of dental care

Level 2 Remediable Care – Patchwork

Patients at this level of care desire treatment only when something breaks or becomes uncomfortable. They usually want to correct only immediate problems with as little effort and cost as possible. They live by the adage, “let’s do as little today as possible and let tomorrow take care of itself.”

Level 4 Optimum Care – Ideal

Patients at this level are similar to Level 3 people except they are very concerned about treating the causes of dental disease and not simply the effects. They want treatment provided to be complete and long-lasting. They have a MASTER PLAN and they choose treatment that reduces their total health care costs during their lifetime.