veneers Maryville TNDental veneers, or laminates as they are also called, may be easy and fast solutions to repair your smile, but they’re not your only options. Depending on the situation, dental veneers may or may not be your best recourse. Kim C. Norman DDS in Maryville, TN can discuss your options.

Dental Discolorations

There are a couple of reasons why your teeth become stained. The most common is exposure to substances which are known to stain the enamel, or the outer layer of your teeth. These substances include coffee, wine, tea, and other highly pigmented fruits and vegetables. At the same time, the natural aging process of the dentin could cause it to turn a deep yellow color which shows through the translucent enamel region.

In the case of mild discolorations which only involves the enamel layer, then you could try routine in-office whitening procedures in Maryville, TN which can whiten your teeth in just a matter of minutes. Not only does this procedure remedy the problem immediately since it eliminates the need for a second visit to Kim Norman, DDS Dentistry for the Individual in Maryville, TN, but it also preserves much of the dental tissues.

On the other hand, if the discoloration goes deep into the dentin layer or if there are cracks and fractures which have caused the deep stains, then dental whitening or even bleaching procedures may not be enough to remedy the problem. In this case, veneers could solve all of those dental problems in just one go.

Chips and Cavities

If your only problems are that of minor chips and small cavities, then you don’t have to get dental veneers just yet. You can opt for composite bonding or the routine drill and fill procedure using tooth-colored filling material. This is because veneers require the preparation of the tooth which includes shaving off a portion of the enamel. This leaves your tooth structurally weak and vulnerable to infections. On the other hand, composite bonding procedures and drill and fill procedures do not remove much of the dental tissue. This way, your tooth is protected and preserved.

On the other hand, if you have large cavities which are still conspicuous even when filled as well as chips which go beyond the enamel region, then it’s best to go for veneers after the composite bonding procedure in order to create a cleaner look for your teeth. This is because the dental fillings and composite material will be obscured by the porcelain laminate.

Dr. Norman and staff at Kim C. Norman DDS in Maryville, TN can examine you and see if veneers are the right option for you.

Dental Veneers Maryville TN

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