A professional teeth whitening can be a rewarding dental experience. Not only does it give you beautiful and bright teeth, the procedure helps restore your confidence tosmile. With the benefits it presents, the last thing you want is to undo its effects by eating the wrong food. These are the foods you need to avoid if you want to preserve the beauty of your smile:

Citrus Fruits and Carbonated Drinks
Your teeth and gums may become sensitive for a while after your teeth whitening. Eating citrus fruits like oranges, pineapples, and lemons may worsen sensitivity, as these contain acid. You should also avoid carbonated drinks and sodas, as these contain high levels of acid and sugar, which may also damage your enamel.

Dark Foods and Beverages
avoid coffee after a teeth whitening
Avoid drinking dark beverages like coffee, tea, or red wine several days after the procedure. Stick to clear liquid—drinking plenty of water is a good way to wash away any bacteria and acid from your teeth and gums. Use a straw whenever you drink so the liquid will not have direct contact with your newly whitened teeth. You should also avoid dark foods like berries, chocolate, and soups to avoid staining your teeth. Stock up on apple, celery, dairy products, and white meat, as these foods help promote saliva flow and neutralize acid on your teeth.

Sweets and Desserts
As delicious as they may be, sweets may stick to your teeth and attract bacteria. This may lead to discoloration and tooth decay. If you ate cake or candies for dessert, be sure to brush your teeth and drink plenty of water afterwards.

Oral Care Tips

Other than eating the right foods, maintaining proper dental hygiene is important to preserve the effects of your teeth whitening. Consult our Maryville dentist for more advice. Set an appointment with our office so we can help keep your teeth healthy and beautiful!