While a couple of months have already passed since 2012 bid its farewell and 2013 stepped into the plate, that does not mean that you can no longer make resolutions especially when it comes to your oral health. Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions include losing weight or spending more time with your friends, but have you ever thought about making this the year that you would pay more attention to your pearly whites? If not, consider this article from Kim C. Norman DDS a wake-up call.

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A significant portion of the population admits to avoiding their dentist and not going in for dental check-ups as often as they should. That seems to be a fact of life to most of us, but what’s the reason for why you choose to play hide-and-seek with Dr. Norman?

“I’m scared to go to the dentist.”

One reason could be that you’re scared of going to the dentist in Maryville, TN. Dental phobia is very common especially among the adult members of the population. This might seem ironic since it’s often kids who are petrified of having their teeth removed, but adults who were unfortunate enough to have lived through an entire era of large drills and impotent anesthesia are likely to be marred by those experiences. If this is the reason why you can no longer remember the last time you were in the dentist’s office, then try communicating your fear to Dr. Norman. By doing so, the both of you can devise a way to calm your fears and get you to stop by the dental clinic more often than before.

“I think dental check-ups are unnecessary.”

Dental check-ups are by no means unnecessary. In fact, every dental check-up can save you from potentially having to go through a major dental procedure. For instance, tooth decay and the excessive pain that goes along with it starts with one single, shallow cavity. However, because this cavity was never detected by Kim C. Norman DDS, it was never sealed and the cavity continued to burrow deeper into your tooth until it reached all the way to the pulp region. A dental check-up can mean the difference between a simple drill and fill procedure and a daunting root canal procedure.

“I can’t afford dental care.”

If dental care is not part of your health insurance coverage or if you don’t have coverage to begin with, then try exploring more affordable options like free clinics which are often offered by dentistry schools You can also avail of a dental network card which will make you eligible for discounts on services and other freebies from participating dentists.

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