Teeth Whitening in Maryville TNHaving gleaming white teeth is a great asset that anyone can have. When before, there was nothing you could do about stained, discolored teeth, nowadays, teeth whitening treatments are available to address tooth discoloration of any kind. Leading dentist in Maryville, TN, Dr. Kim C. Norman, offers two wonderful solutions to whiten the teeth: in-office and at-home teeth whitening. Both are done differently, yet they offer that same picture perfect smile with sparkling white teeth. Let’s discuss these two treatments, so you can decide which whitening treatment to choose.

In-Office Teeth Whitening for Instant Results

Let the dentist handle the job of whitening your teeth. In-office teeth whitening is a bleaching treatment performed at the dental office under close supervision by the dentist and his team. Treatment begins by prep work. This involves covering the soft tissues of your mouth (lips and gums), so they won’t become sensitive to the bleaching chemical. Once your lips and gums are properly covered, your teeth whitening treatment begins.

Dr. Norman starts the treatment by applying the bleaching agent all over your teeth. He uses the highest grade of bleaching gel available, so you can achieve the best results. Once gel application is done, he proceeds by directing light to your teeth. This special curing light will activate the bleach; thus, speeding up the whitening process. In as little as an hour, your teeth will be white. You come out of our practice with your new, bright smile.

At-Home Teeth Whitening for Do-it-Yourself Treatment

If you want a gradual yet still effective solution to whiten your teeth, at-home teeth whitening is an excellent option. You will be using a home bleaching kit containing your customized trays and bleaching gels. The process is very simple and easy to follow. Simply apply the bleaching gel into the tray and then wear your tray to begin treatment. With regular use for 14 days, you will see dramatic, white results. Your teeth will be lightened by up to 7 shades than their previous color.

At-home teeth whitening may be a gradual process, but it is still considered as an effective treatment. The use of customized trays makes this treatment very effective. The trays are properly fitted, which allows the bleaching gel to be in close contact with your teeth. This results to evenness, which over-the-counter treatments lack. Our teeth are structured uniquely, so a one-size-fits-all tray won’t bring whitening effectiveness. Therefore, if you want an effective do-it-yourself solution, choose dentist supervised, at-home teeth whitening.

Which of These Two Treatments is Better for Me?

Each of us have our own unique needs and goals. It is best to discuss your teeth whitening concerns with Dr. Norman, so he can recommend the best solution for your needs. The in-office treatment offers single-appointment teeth whitening for bright, white teeth. The at-home treatment, on the other hand, is done independently at home with the use of customized whitening trays and bleaching gels provided by the dentist. Both deliver very effective results. You can’t help but smile!

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