Sleep apnea can be a terrible disorder, as it affects the quality of your sleep. We know that you need your complete rest to regain your energy and go about what you’re doing as effectively as possible. We can check your condition and see the most appropriate dental device you can wear to help your cause.

Knowing more about sleep apnea can help you deal with it better. Learning the things you can do at home in addition to wearing dental devices could help you improve your condition.

What is sleep apnea?
It is a disorder when your breathing is abnormal while you sleep. You may experience shallow breaths or pauses in breathing. Such pauses can affect the quality of your rest because it may cause you to go from deep sleep to light sleep. As a result, you are not completing your rest and you may feel sleepy when you are awake. Your body becomes more prone to illnesses when you lack restful sleep.

Self-help treatments to sleep apnea

Our dental devices can offer the medical solution to treat sleep apnea, but you can also do your share to correct your condition quickly.

  • Drop weight. Most people suffering from sleep apnea are overweight. Losing some body mass can open up your throat and allow the air to pass through when you breathe.
  • Stay away from alcohol, sedatives, and sleeping pills before sleeping. They tend to relax your throat muscles and affect your breathing.
  • Build a regular sleeping routine. Having a stable sleeping habit can make your body feel comfortable during your sleep and reduce sleep apnea.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking can cause inflammation in your throat that can hold more fluid to make breathing harder.
  • Avoid sleeping on your back. Gravity causes soft tissues in your throat and tongue to drop, which can block the airway when you breathe. You can sleep on your side to avoid this./li>

Sleep apnea is a serious matter. Follow these pieces of advice can help ease your problem and start enjoying a restful sleep. Get in touch with us so we can check your condition and get the right dental device for you.