Deep Dental Cleaning  Maryville TNThe thing about oral health and the different conditions that could affect the state of your mouth is that they develop in a very slow manner. So while you may be enjoying your smile right this very minute, there is no telling what conditions are slowly putting a shadow on your smile. Because of this deep dental cleaning has become essential in keeping the quality of your smile up.

What is deep dental cleaning?

Also known as the scaling and polishing procedure, this dental cleaning procedure gets rid of plaque as well as the calcified version of it which is known as tartar. Tartar is toxic to your gums and this can lead to your gums undergoing inflammation. After getting rid of these substances, Dr. Norman would then polish the exposed dental roots to prevent more plaque, and subsequent tartar, from developing in the near future.

What happens when you have a dental cleaning procedure?

The first part of the procedure would be to numb up your gums. Given the rather invasive nature of the deep dental cleaning procedure, then your gums would have to be anesthetized sufficiently to ensure that you do not feel that much discomfort while the procedure is taking place.

Once your gums have been anesthetized, then Dr. Norman can move forward with the actual  deep dental cleaning, scaling of the tartar which may have accumulated along your gumline. There are two ways to do so — with the help of a rather sharp dental tool and through the help of laser technology. Of the two, the latter is of course the less invasive route. Another thing which your dentist would have to do is to measure the degree of the adherence of the gum tissues and your teeth which would also indicate just how severe the degree of the gum infection has been.

What are the benefits of going through regular dental cleaning procedures?

Gum infection develops because of the interaction of the plaque and tartar with your gums, causing inflammation. Inflammation then leads to the development of gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Given that gum infections are the leading causes of teeth loss, then preventing the worst case scenario from happening is crucial and that can be pushed back with the help of a dental scaling and planing procedure. Early stages of gingivitis can still be treated and cured with a simple deep dental cleaning procedure.

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