Dental Care Maryville TNSometimes our teeth hurt and then the pain just suddenly stops. And there are times when we have a very scratchy throat and then it just clears up. There are a lot of dental problems which we are suddenly hit with but we don’t get the opportunity to approach the dentist every single time that we feel something awry inside our mouth. But here a few common dental disorders which could be related to those sudden symptoms:

Bad Breath

We normally have funky breaths early in the morning upon waking up. But sometimes, this less-than-fresh breath pervades all throughout the day. And the tricky thing is that we don’t even know that we already are suffering from halitosis. To find out if you’re breathing sulfuric fumes from your mouth, try this simple test that is recommended by dentists: lick the back of your hand, wait for the saliva to dry and then smell it. If you truly have bad breath, then the foul smell will linger on your hand.

Bad breath could be a symptom of a build-up of bacteria inside one’s mouth. And this type of bacteria which gives off this foul smells are actually anaerobic bacteria, or microorganisms which cannot be exposed to oxygen. The hallmark of anaerobic bacteria is the development of bad smelling by-products. And most of the time, these bacteria are trapped in tight spaces at the back of our tongues. For this reason, dentists often suggest to their patients who are suffering from halitosis that they scrape their tongues to get rid of these putrid bacteria.

Dry Mouth

Having a dry mouth can lead to a very scratchy throat and even loss of a person’s ability to taste food. At the same time, having a dry mouth can also trigger an overgrowth of bacteria since these pesky microbes prefer a drier environment. A dry mouth is often caused by medications or it could be a side-effect to some systemic disorder. If you’re suffering from a dry mouth, try chewing on sugarless gum and ask your dentist if you can get hold of saliva alternatives.

Tooth Pain When Exposed to Cold, Hot and Hard Foods

If you feel a stabbing, sharp pain when you eat anything cold, hot or hard, then you could be suffering from sensitive teeth. There could be a leak on the enamel surface of your teeth. The stimuli could travel through these leaks and make their way into the pulp region of our teeth. And because the pulp layer contains nerve endings, the stimuli can trigger the nerves and cause extreme, stabbing tooth pain.

The Best Solution

The best way to mange and, better yet, avoid many common dental symptoms is to get your regular dental check-ups in Maryville TN with Dr. Kim Norman

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