Core Beliefs of Dr. Kim Norman – Your Maryville Dentist

Core Beliefs of Dr. Kim Norman - Your Maryville Dentist My core values represent a guide for ethical behavior. My behavior demonstrates and communicates my belief, values, and benefits of dentistry to my patients. My core values reflect my character, my philosophy, and my mission. The following are my core values (in alphabetical order):

I believe that patients have the right to AUTONOMY. My patients have the right to choose what is done to their own bodies. My patients have the right to knowledge and awareness of their current level of care and their potential for optimum health. Because patients are moral entitles, they are capable of autonomous decision-making. Respect for autonomy affirms the doctor-patient relationship and forms the foundation for informed consent, for protecting patient confidentiality, and for upholding honesty. However, some caution must be exercised; the patient’s right to self-determination must be weighed by my trained professional judgment to the benefits and harms of treatment and I must inform the patient of contemporary standards of oral care.

I believe I should show BENEVOLENCE. Benevolence is the obligation to benefit others or to seek their good. While balancing harms and benefits, I will seek to minimize harms and maximize benefits for the patient.

I believe patients deserve COMPASSION. Compassion requires caring and the ability to identify with the patient’s overall well-being. Relieving pain and suffering, acts of kindness, and listening with a sympathetic ear are all qualities of caring and compassion.

I believe COMPETENCE is the just expectation of the patient. As a competent dentist I must be able to diagnose and treat the patient’s oral health needs and to refer when it is in the patient’s best interest. Maintaining competence requires continual self-assessment about the outcome of patient care and involves a commitment to lifelong learning.

I believe patients deserve a doctor of INTEGRITY. Integrity requires that my words, actions or intentions, and behaviors are in congruence with my values and conscience. Professional integrity commits me to upholding my professional Code of Ethics and to safeguard, influence, and promote the highest professional standards.

I believe HONESTY, truth telling, or veracity, is the cornerstone of the doctor-patient relationship. I rely on the honesty of my patients to gather the facts necessary to form a proper diagnosis. My patients rely on my truthfulness so that they can make truly informed decisions. Honesty in dealing with the public, colleagues, and self are equally important.

I believe patients deserve JUSTICE. Justice is associated with fairness or giving to each person his or her own due. Issues of fairness are pervasive in dentistry including the complex questions of who shall receive treatment at all. I must be aware of these complexities when balancing the distribution of benefits and burdens in my practice.

I believe PROFESSIONALISM is a hallmark of practice. Professionalism allows the self-governing of our profession and my private practice. Dentistry will thrive as long as members are actively committed to support and promote the profession and to serve the public. The commitment to promoting oral health within my practice and for the public requires that I work and support organized dentistry for the collective best interests of society.

I believe I must have TOLERANCE. Dentists are challenged to practice within an increasing complex cultural and ethically diverse community. Conventional attitudes regarding pain, appropriate function, and esthetics may be confounded by these differences. I must be open and accepting of cultural differences, understandings, and philosophies. I must understand how these differences can affect my patient’s choices and their treatment acceptance.