Your Visit To Dr. Kim C. Norman’s Office

If you are a new patient:

Dr. norman first visitOn your first visit as a new patient to our office, you will be welcomed by one of our staff members. We will ask you to complete several necessary forms (see below for links to forms). After the paperwork is finished, Dr. Norman will greet you in the reception area and personally take you to our conference room where he will get to know you, your past medical and dental history, and give you the opportunity to learn more about him. Afterwards, Dr. Norman will do a comprehensive examination and co-diagnosis evaluation. This visit normally takes 1 – 1 ½ hours.

The examination includes:

  • Full mouth radiographs (x-rays)
  • Examination of hard (teeth) and soft (gums) tissues
  • Charting of teeth and current restorations
    (fillings, crowns, missing teeth, bridges, etc.)
  • Periodontal examination and charting (presence and/or level of gum health)
  • Esthetic evaluation (smile evaluation)
  • TMD/TMJ exam
  • Evaluation of your bite (occlusion), wear rate, and health of tooth enamel
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Camera tour for your review and co-diagnosis

On your second visit, Dr. Norman will complete a “Review of Findings” with you. The Review of Findings is a summary of all the areas of oral health evaluated during your examination. Together, you and Dr. Norman will determine the best treatment for you and time frame to achieve your health care goals.

Following your Review of Findings with Dr. Norman, you will be seen by our hygienist if a dental cleaning is needed.

Preventative and On Going Care Visits:

Once you have become a patient, you will establish a preventative care and examination schedule based upon your specific needs and desired level of care. Some patients are seen biannually, some quarterly, and some patients are seen on other schedules in conjunction with their specialist. Preventative visits are conducted by the hygienist with an examination by Dr. Norman.

Personal Message From Dr. Norman:

The most important service I, as a dentist, can offer is a thorough examination and diagnosis of existing conditions, a review of these findings with you, and a plan for both prevention and treatment to serve both your short range and long range needs.

PREVENTION is the key to dental health. Understanding existing conditions provides you with the knowledge to make the proper choices to suit your individual goals and values.

Dentistry, unlike many other aspects of life, is usually carried out without a plan, without concrete goals and objectives of what you would like your mouth to be like in the future. For this reason, I take a great deal of time and effort in the beginning to help you understand your mouth and oral health as much as possible; to help you understand what causes disease and breakdown, and then help you make the decision how you would like to be treated. Quality is the constant…treatment time is the variable. Once you have made your goals, it will be your responsibility to complete the plan in a time period that works for you and meets your objectives for dental health.

It is important to remember that your own teeth given to you by nature are not necessarily perfect. Therefore, in all likelihood, you may require treatment of any restorations at least one or more times during the course of your life.

Dr. Charles Mayo has said, “Preventive dentistry can add 10 years to human life.”

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Yours for better dentistry,

Dr. Kim Norman