About the Maryville, TN Dentist

Our motto is “Dentistry for the Individual.” We chose this motto because it best summarizes the way we practice. We treat each patient individually based on their wants, needs, and values.

We get to know each of our patients and we value and respect our patient relationships. We realize that some individuals want model quality smiles, some want healthy smiles, and some simply want to be free of dental pain.

Every person has the right to choose the level of care that is right for them. It is our goal to meet your specific needs and desires and to restore, enhance, and maintain the natural beauty of your smile.

Practice Vision

At our Maryville, TN, dentist practice, we strive to maintain a patient-centered, customer-service-focused environment offering high quality care based upon excellence in clinical skills and ethical standards.

We want to cultivate long-term relationships with our patients, based on trust and respect. Enthusiastic patients who go back to their homes and offices, share their experiences, and refer like-minded patients to our office are our greatest asset. We love providing the level of service that our patients want to tell others about.

We seek to be a respected by our community as a dental practice that is renowned for ethics, excellence, customer service (kindness and concern) and professionalism.

Practice Philosophy

Our practice philosophy is based on a number of underlying principals. Below are synopsizes of our supporting beliefs and guiding statements.

Quality Care

Our Maryville, TN, dentist and staff use the highest quality materials and laboratories. We attend many hours of education every year to learn about the best science, materials, technology, and procedures available for optimum dental health.

Individualized Care

We work hard to provide individualized dental care with comprehensive treatment planning. We strive to help all our patients achieve the level of care that is best for them.

Preventive Care & Patient Education

We believe in the concept of preventive care and education. Our goal is providing “preventive dental health care” rather than “disease care”, which is why our practice places so much emphasis on thorough oral examinations. Maryville, TN dentist Dr. Norman understands that routine cleanings, flossing, sealants, and fluoride are very important factors in preventing dental disease. We focus on your overall health and the beauty of your smile.

Treatment of Causative Factors

We identify causative factors rather than treating only apparent symptoms. We seek to determine why a problem occurred and what controlling factors can be modified to prevent a re-occurrence.

Safety Precautions

We follow all infection control recommendations of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the state and national Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Each year, we participate in many hours of continuing education to remain current on safety techniques and procedures. We are committed to treating each patient as we would want to be treated.

Training & Expertise

Your dental health is important to us, and as dental health professionals, we want you to be confident in our training and expertise as skilled clinicians. In order to maintain the high level of service for the results that our patients demand and deserve, we continually update our educations by participating in dental lectures, meetings and conventions so that we remain aware of new techniques, products, and equipment that become available.

We appreciate your faith in us and thank you for the opportunity to take care of your dental needs. If you have any questions about our practice or our philosophy please feel free to contact us.

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